About Us

The Bill & Rhonda Paver Family Foundation board is comprised of nine members. Bill and Rhonda Paver are responsible for the creating and funding of the Foundation.

The Bill & Rhonda Paver Family Foundation is a charitable foundation based in Austin, TX. The majority of our recipient organizations can be found in the Central Texas area. However, the scope of giving is not limited to our community alone and decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Board of Directors

  • Rev. Anthony P. Sauer, S.J.
  • William J. Paver
  • Rhonda G. Paver
  • Mary K. Paver
  • William R. Paver
  • James A. Paver
  • Colleen P. Lapage-Browne
  • Matthew C. Paver

Mission statement

The mission of the Bill & Rhonda Paver Family Foundation is to secure educational opportunities and promote social equality for families and children. We value service, compassion and dedication. The Foundation will draw on the expertise of Catholic and educational community leaders for guidance and inspiration, and support solutions to real-world issues through donations, leadership and volunteerism.

Giving Priorities

The Bill & Rhonda Paver Family Foundation's charitable giving priorities have historically targeted educational, religious, and non-profit organizations with an emphasis on childhood education. With the creation of a formal board in 2013, the foundation will begin to consider a wider range of proposals for funding. We welcome ideas that will do the most good, for the most people.

Past Recipients

  • Saint Michael’s Catholic Academy
  • Junior Helping Hand Home
  • Maryknoll
  • Saint Ignatius College Preparatory
  • Gonzaga University
  • Jeremiah Project
  • Caritas of Austin
  • Saint Louise House
  • Undisclosed