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Please submit a letter of inquiry to info@paverfoundation.org. Your letter should respond to the following questions:

  • Please describe the objective of your organization and provide a brief description of its history, and projects.

  • For what specific use is this donation being solicited and for what amount?

  • Will this donation be sought on an annual basis or as a one-time gift?

  • Please describe specifically how you will determine the presumed benefit of the foundation’s investment in your program. What type of documentation or evidence will your organization provide the Bill & Rhonda Paver Family Foundation to ensure a gift has been worthwhile?

Requirements & Deadline

Letters of inquiry may be submitted twice annually. First submission deadline is January 31st of each year. A second round of submissions will be accepted no later June 30th. The foundation will meet bi-annually in February and July to determine which of the submitted inquiries will receive an invitation to make a full application (instructions and deadlines for the full application will be given separately upon invitation for submittal).

The foundation gives primarily to non-profit (501) (c)(3) organizations, not individuals or for-profit entities.